Past Performance

R&D Support

INDUS provides Programmatic, Technical, Contractual and Financial support to SPAWAR PMW 179 (Advanced Automatic Tactical Communications) for Research and Development (R&D) and Test and Evaluation (T&E) in support of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program. The INDUS team is led by Kevin Lover and they analyzed, assessed, performed EVM analysis and recommended mitigation strategies for risks associated with current engineering processes and products with respect to the design, development, and testing of the JTRS Cluster 3. Participated in meetings with the operational forces, potential manufacturers, and sponsors to discuss JTRS Cluster 3 features, traced those features to requirements and tracked status. INDUS in support of NSWC-DD, INDUS provided engineering analyses of LINK 16 Antenna Systems and the existing level of existing Research Technology to adapt Digital Signal Processing technology to these antennas for adaptability in improving directionality, operation and signal gain through Smart Antenna Technology. The resultant ‘product' was an applique that would upgrade existing antenna structures onboard ship and land vehicles.

Engineering Support

INDUS supports the Po Sheng Program. Po Sheng will provide for the integration of Taiwanese air, ship, ground, and command and control assets using a joint command, control, communication, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) system enabled by tactical data links. INDUS provides engineering support to the Land Defense Integrated Product Team (IPT): developing requirements for the Regional Tactical Operations Center (RTOC) and Army Defense Coordination Cell (ADCC), including gathering and evaluating equipment specifications; Reviewing the System/Subsystem Specifications (SSSs) for the RTOC, ADCC and Modified Air Defense System/Information Coordination Center (MADS/ICC).

Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support

INDUS provides information technology (IT) engineering support to the DEA developmental lab for simulation of deployed systems or proof of concept determination and pilot application of new technology, software and hardware for possible migration into future enterprise-wide applications or LAN/WAN infrastructure. Provides support services for laboratory evaluation of potential hardware and software as a prototype of potential new system configurations and in support of potential new system architectures.

Human Factors Engineering Support

INDUS provides systems engineering support to the Mobile Tactical Radios Division Program Office (PMW 179-3) for Amphibious Communications Systems to support In-service Amphibious Ships and Marine Corps Units, by coordinating and developing integration plans for Amphibious Systems Products critical to the Navy's support of the Marine Corps communications effort. INDUS ensures a fully integrated end-to-end C4ISR/IT design including ensuring hardware and software compatibility and interoperability and presents these designs at informal meetings, IPTs and IPRs.

Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support

INDUS provides IA support to SPAWAR and is the recognized expert for all Certification and Accreditation issues from testing and Interim Certification and Accreditation through Final SSA approval for: PMW 165 (Naval Afloat Networks) for CENTRIXS, PMW 173 (Submarine Communications) for MERLIN, VALUE, SMGL, SLVR, BBS, SCSS, ISDS, ISABPS and CSRR, PMW 179 (Advanced Automatic Tactical Communications) for JTT/CTT, HFRG, BFEM, ELMR, EPLRS, DWTS and HF Legacy Radios. INDUS provides e-procurement support services to the Department of Transportation Information Technology Omnibus Procurement (ITOP) contracting office. This effort includes maintenance of the web site, updating customer information and insuring uninterrupted customer availability (involving approximately 3700 hits per month).

Training Support

INDUS created an online training Computer Based Training (CBT) covering the Management Control Program and an online training CBT covering the Classified Material Inventory process as well as the use of the barcode scanners for SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego (SSC-SC). Developed a CBT for Travel Cardholders that was combined with a tracking methodology to ensure completed training and establishing a permanent record for use in future audits and other management requirements. Created this computer based training module that was promulgated to over 2,000 individuals and tracking the returned completion responses to ensure a proper record keeping. Developed and maintained the Travel Service Forms database, Travel Service Forms desk reference guide, and the interactive Desk Guide for CMCC employees explaining all procedures used in the accountability of classified material, and an interactive on-line tutorial, CBT, for users of Classified Materials. INDUS provides training and technical assistance to the fleet user-activity systems operators/users in the Local Asset Management System (LAMS) for COMNAVAIRPAC. LAMS is a local system(s) that is used by fleet users throughout the world to maintain aviation asset inventories. Manages the unique communications systems that are employed by support equipment user activities to guarantee continuous communications amongst all units independent of access to national systems.

In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support

INDUS provides technical and logistics support to augment Support Equipment Resource Management Information System (SERMIS) functions to the fleet at COMNAVAIRPAC. INDUS functions include service to the fleet in areas of employment/IMRL development, transaction input analysis, asset redistribution, and SERMIS product equipment Local Asset Management System (LAMS) support. Provide technical assistance to system architects and users to ensure that the methodology, procedures, specifications and directive pertaining to SERMIS reporting functions are fulfilled and that new developments for product improvements are introduced in a timely manner, are complete, explicit and effective. Develop local ADP programs designed to perform specific management tasks peculiar to COMNAVAIRPAC IMRL SE management responsibilities.

Program Support

INDUS provides Programmatic and Financial support to SPAWAR PEO for C4I & Space for Business and Financial support, Installations and support to the Technical Director; SPAWAR PMW 151 (Naval Combat Support Systems) for Afloat ERP and Installation; PMW 164 (Navy/Marine Corps Intranet) for NMCI Program and Financial Support; PMW 165 (Naval Afloat Networks) CENTRIXS, Business & Financial Manager and PC Hardware & Software purchasing & licensing; PMW 173 (Submarine Communications) for MERLIN, VALUE, SMGL, SLVR, BBS, SCSS, ISDS, ISABPS & CSRR; PMW 179 (Advanced Automatic Tactical Communications) for JTT/CTT, JTRS, HFRG, BFEM, ELMR, EPLRS, DWTS, SINCGARS and HF Legacy Radios.

Administrative Support

INDUS has provided virtually all of the clerical and administrative support for the SPAWAR Headquarters Front Office. The INDUS Team headed by Charles (Chuck) Little, retired YNC Flag Writer (writer for 7 different Admirals), provides; Flag Office staffing support, SPAWAR Protocol Officer, Corporate Administration, Records Management, Directives Issuance and Control, Maintenance of ISSA/MOU, Mail and Federal Express, Message Traffic, Locater service, Phone book, Awards, Manpower Management and management of Copiers. INDUS provides direct technical, financial, automated data processing, day-to-day operational and administrative support to various levels of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), its associated field activities. The current areas of performance includes management and support to the SPAWAR Base Re-alignment and Closure Office (BRAC), provides the BRAC Office Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day management of overall BRAC support operations ensuring the efficient accomplishment of all required tasks and the quality of project deliverables. The manager schedules, coordinates, directs, monitors, and reviews activities of the BRAC staff, and interacts with senior management of: SPAWAR Headquarters; Field Activities; PEO C4I & Space and other agencies on a regular basis. Provides Financial Analysts as required who are responsible for budget development, task projections and analyses of the financial implications of data call information. Provides Program Analysts as required to manage, track, organize, consolidate, and merge data from large data-calls. They analyze data and prepare management level presentations and reports as required. INDUS provides day-to-day administrative support to the Drug Enforcement Administration Chief Technology Officer for word processing and general office management and clerical support. These functions include correspondence tracking, report preparation, and preparation for inspections and vendor meetings.