INDUS Wins Again at NUWC Division Keyport, Detachment Pacific!

Jun 20, 2022

San Diego, CA, June 29, 2022: INDUS Technology, Inc. (INDUS), a Service- Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (NAICS dependent), Government Support Services provider, received notification from Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport that we were awarded a prime contract to provide Engineering, Technical, Administrative, and Underwater Vehicle support services. This award will provide up to 5 years of support to NUWCDIVKPT Detachment Pacific, Code 04/TDC; the Hawaii Fleet Test and Operational Assessment Division, Code 24; the Pearl Harbor Torpedo Division, Code 34; and the Fleet Technical Support Division, Code 45 located in Hawaii. The INDUS contract approximate award value is $76M.

The primary services to be provided include Management Support; Underwater Vehicle Support; Readiness, Test, and Evaluation; Information Technology Support; Waterfront Operations; Technical Analysis and Assessments; USW Combat Systems Technical and Administrative T&E Support; General Administrative Support; MK 48 Intermediate Maintenance Activity Support; Hawaii Detachment Infrastructure services; Fleet Test and Evaluation Center Support; Magnetic Silencing Facility Support; and Fleet and Industrial Operations and Engineering.

Eric MacGregor, President & CEO, commented, “We are honored to be given the opportunity to provide continued, value-added support to this critical HI DET PAC mission. INDUS has a significant presence on the Hawaiian Islands and this contract is the foundation of that presence. This is a significant milestone for INDUS and I couldn’t be prouder of our HI DET PAC team.”

This effort will be managed by INDUS Program Manager, Ms. Beth Mathews.

For additional information, contact:
Eric MacGregor, President and CEO
INDUS Technology, Inc.
Phone: 850-919-3093
Fax: 619-299-2444

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